If you're selected...

• Your piece will be read/performed by a voice actor. If you’d like to deliver it or pick the actor personally, please let us know (after you’re selected as a winner).
• The audio version of your piece will be its own episode on Season One of the audio series "Fingers on the Button." *
• Your piece will be paired with an illustration created by artist Jeff Sant, which will be the graphic for the specific episode. At the end of the season, the 12 illustrations for the episodes will be combined into one overarching piece for Season One. We will make prints and mail them to all winners and associated contributors.
• You will receive full credit on the website, in the episode itself, and in the episode description on all platforms, as well as any subsequent marketing materials wherein contributors are mentioned.
You can brag about it the moment you're accepted – on your website, portfolio, resume, social media, whatever you’d like. Your name shall remain under the Writers/Actors tab for as long as world leaders keep their fingers off the button, or you’d like it removed.
• You will be kept personally appraised on the progress of the production side via email and be notified of any additions made to this section of the site.

* We'd like First Serial Rights to ensure the piece is going on the airwaves fresh, as well as a couple other rights detailed in the Submit/Guidelines, but after your episode airs, you can do whatever you'd like with your piece! Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to